Frequently Asked Questions

The following lists some frequently asked questions about Irish Wedding Insurance policies.


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What is an Irish Wedding Insurance Policy?

It is an insurance package designed to provide you with financial protection from many types of potential losses during the period leading up to and including the actual wedding / civil ceremony day


Who are the Insurers?

The insurance has been arranged by Crispin Speers and Partners Limited for Hastings Insurance Brokers. The insurance is underwritten by UK General Insurance Ltd. on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE.

Hastings (Westport) Ltd. T/A Hastings Insurance Brokers, & is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Who may apply?

The bride and / or groom and Civil Partner(s) may apply. Also, relatives of the bride and groom and Civil Partner(s) may apply where it can be demonstrated that they have made significant financial contributions towards the wedding arrangements.

The bride or groom (or both) or one or both of civil partners must be a permanent resident of the Republic of Ireland for at least 6 months to purchase this insurance.


We are a same sex couple and plan to have a civil ceremony. Can we apply also?

Yes, an Irish Wedding Insurance policy may be applied for by same sex couples planning a civil ceremony.


We’re getting married outside Ireland. Are we covered?

In addition to weddings taking place in the Republic of Ireland, the policy covers weddings taking place anywhere in the world. Please note however that Personal Liability and the optional Public Liability cover applies only to the bride and groom or one or both of civil partners in respect of weddings / civil partnership ceremonies taking place in the Republic of Ireland. Also marquee cover is available only to weddings taking place in the Republic of Ireland.


Does the policy cover the financial failure of the hotel in which I am holding my wedding / civil ceremony reception?

The policy includes cover for irrecoverable deposits owing to the liquidation or bankruptcy of pre-booked wedding / civil ceremony suppliers up to the amount stated in the summary (“Failure of Suppliers”)


What does the policy cover?

For a full list of cover headings click on our Cover Comparison page. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Evidence of Insurance and the Significant Product Features, Benefits and Exclusions before purchase. Please click here to view these details.


Which policy should we select?

The core policy cover is wedding / civil ceremony Cancellation cover and the premium level depends largely on the level of Cancellation cover you require. Cancellation cover is available up to a limit of €35,000. The Cancellation sum insured you select should be sufficient to cover irrecoverable expenses incurred by you in respect of specified wedding services due to unexpected cancellation e.g. loss of your deposit paid to the venue for your wedding / civil ceremony reception. In considering which policy to select it is important to bear in mind the limits applying to other policy sections also. In addition there are optional extra covers to consider. These optional extra covers include Public Liability, Marquee and Ceremonial Swords.


We’re hiring a marquee. Are we covered?

Marquee cover is available subject to payment of an extra premium. Marquee cover provides cover for accidental loss of or damage to marquees during the hire period for which you have accepted responsibility. Please note however that the Optional Marquee Extension applies only to wedding / civil ceremony events taking place in the Republic of Ireland.


How do I purchase a Policy?

The policy can be purchased on this internet website only. Payment may be made by credit or laser card.


What about security?

Our Website uses RBS WorldPay, part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world. RBS WorldPay processes around half of all face-to-face card transactions in the UK.


Can I pay my premium by instalments?

Unfortunately, the premium is only payable as a one-time payment regardless of how far in advance the policy is purchased.


What if I don't like my policy?

If, after receiving your policy, you are not entirely satisfied with it, we will give you a full refund as long as it is returned to us within 14 days of issue, provided that a claim does not exist and that travel has not taken place.


Does an Irish Wedding Insurance Policy provide cover in the event of a change of heart

A voluntary decision not to proceed due to a change of heart is not covered.


What is the policy excess?

There are nominal excesses for each policy section. To check the excesses applying please see our Cover Comparison page


Does my policy provide honeymoon travel insurance?

No, the policy does not provide travel insurance. However just phone us at 098/27227 for a competitive travel quotation


Why should I select an Irish Wedding Insurance policy?

  • Cover starts from as little as €45.00
  • Applies to wedding / civil ceremonies taking place in the Republic of Ireland and anywhere else in the world
  • The policy offers optional extra covers




Please note that above “Frequently Asked Questions” is intended as a guide only as policy Terms and Conditions do apply.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Evidence of Insurance and the Significant Product Features, Benefits and Exclusions before purchase. Please click here to view these details.

Hastings (Westport) Ltd t/a Hastings Insurance Brokers, & is Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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